Artificial Intelligence for SMEs

Machine consulting

WeLytics supports and advises SMEs with concepts as well as the application of artificial intelligence for data analysis, processing, and process optimization. Utilising these features as a basis, WeLytics develops customer-specific or general SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.


Our services

We support your company at all levels. From consulting, conducting an inventory analysis, to exploring existing data material, we strive to develop or find an intelligent data solution specifically tailored to suit the needs of your company.


Deep Learning

Artificial neural networks find patterns and correlations within your data in order to assist you with analysis, optimization and prediction models.

Anomaly Detection

We uncover anomalies and abnormalities in your data material and utilise these results in order to optimize your processes and product quality.

Text Analysis (NLP)

State-of-the-art computational linguistics assist you with text analysis, entity recognition, and sentiment recognition (text positive / negative / neutral).

Predictive Maintenance

Enable yourself to plan machine maintenance with the help of predictive models that analyze machine data in real time and predict possible breakdowns.

Image Recognition

Analyze your visual data (e. g. expense receipts, invoices, quotations) and automatically extract data using modern computational algorithms.

Software as a Service

Would you like to make your analysis and optimization models available to others as web service? We can plan, develop and market your solution.  

Digitize your business model with artificial intelligence

Use cases

We have a number of case studies from Swiss SMEs outlining the ways in which WeLytics already supports companies in the optimisation of both their business processes and data analysis. WeLytics offers unparalleled advice in order to find an individual solution best suited to your company. We can also suggest one of our many existing products to help you discover the best data integration solution, specified to your current needs.

  • Churn Analysis

    We have integrated a customer churn detection system for a Swiss company and subsequently optimized their customer care.

  • Legaltech

    Together with a law firm, we are developing a solution for the automatic assessment of situations with the help of neural networks and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

  • Financial modelling

    One of our current projects involves the development of an analysis model for the evaluation of companies with recurrent neural networks (fundamental analysis).

Our Technologies

We use the most modern technologies available on the market and are constantly adding new ones.

About us

We are a St. Gallen-based software company specializing in consulting and developing software solutions within the field of artificial intelligence. Our valued customers include Swiss SMEs.

Together with your company, our team advises and develops an individual software solution in order to prepare you for the digital future.


Tel: +41 (0) 71 511 13 15

Feel free to call us or send us a message. We are available to respond to your calls and messages Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30.